Data-Analytics and Marketing-Automation Case Study:agricultural engineering.

Making better B2B marketing decisions with sophis­ti­cated data analysis.

Our client is an international B2B giant and knows about the importance of data analysis in B2B marketing. Due to high cost pressure and complex customer behavior, it is essential for him to use data to achieve long-term competitive advantages.

In increasingly fragmented markets, marketing has the opportunity to use data analysis and optimized activities to support dealers and sales and provide users with a better customer experience.

With wob, the global agricultural engineering company has found the ideal partner for data analytics and marketing automation in B2B marketing

Lead generation via websites - the central medium of our mission.

The lynchpin of our client's EMEA-wide lead generation are their websites - especially a selected microsite.

The process: On the microsite, an incentive was linked to selected products for the user's data delivery. After submitting a form, the user was able to select a retailer in the vicinity who then contacted the interested party.

Optimization with Web Analytics - hot insights for better performance.

The behaviour of the users on the microsite has revealed a lot to us: Degree of interaction through length of stay and depth of scrolling, consistency of the customer experience through click-journeys, and ultimately a tendency towards buying interest through certain conversions.

Interactive reports from Adobe Analytics also gave the advertising specialists a good insight into the performance of the booked channels. It quickly became clear which ad groups were particularly valuable.

Personalized Content and Lead Nurturing - first steps towards marketing automation.

Through data analysis, we optimized the lead generation activities. Thanks to the integration of additional marketing technologies, we were able to streamline a previously complicated opt-in process. In addition, the new setup also enabled us to send user-specific communication impulses (lead nurturing). Analytics Insights thus enabled us to create personalized content for the target groups.

Performance measurement with Analytics.

In order to sensibly structure and prioritize all measures and to measure their success, goals were defined and metrics derived together with the customer.

Mission accomplished: Marketing and sales successful together with data analysis!

As a result, breaking down the data silos not only enabled marketing and sales to move closer together, but the insights gained from data analysis provided a better basis for decision-making by top management:

  • In Microsoft Power BI, all marketing and sales data were linked to provide a central and meaningful data set. 
  • The interactive dashboard reveals the marketing return on investment, of course, but also details of channel strategy, performance in different countries and stages of the marketing funnel.
  • On this basis, subsequent marketing activities, resources and budgets could be aligned.
  • All this information is used continuously to improve measures.

A good start into the world of data-driven B2B marketing.

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