Corporate Website Relaunch: Berrang.

New Website. New Experience.

In the public perception, Berrang was previously only known as a “screw dealer”. However, in the world of fastening technology, Berrang is a big player.

With the help of a website that we developed together with Berrang, we want to show you how this world becomes an entire universe. 


Products are becoming increasingly similar and interchangeable. Thus, it’s the details that make the difference. Berrang pays particular attention to these details when it comes to the company’s connecting elements. After all, it’s often the “small” things that hold the world together. But exactly these smaller things often require a closer look.


The feeling that emerges when working with Berrang should be tangible for users when they visit the website. And this from the very beginning.


What unites all Berrang employees is their meticulous attention to detail as well as their fascination and expertise for technology. In collaboration, it swiftly becomes apparent how excellent the products, support, and consulting truly are.


By utilising a scrollytelling approach and integrating 3-D worlds, a website has been transformed into a genuine experience. The deeper users immerse themselves into this digital experience, the more they perceive the high technological demands, innovative projects, and expertise that promise high-end solutions. Put differently: The cosmos for fasteners and logistics solutions can now be experienced. 

Experience it firsthand and immerse yourself in the Berrang universe!

A section of the new Berrang website can be seen on a smartphone screen. The excerpt is the Facts & Figures. You can read here: 12 locations, 5 countries, 3 continents, over 650 employees, over 150000 articles, endless possibilities. The dark blue background of the image shows a screw with a mesh look. | © wob AG
A section of the new Berrang website can be seen on a notebook screen. The headline "Connecting elements in energy & electrical engineering" can be read on the excerpt. This is followed by a short text. In the background of the image, a section of the website can also be seen in dark blue. This shows the Industries section. | © wob AG
You can see the Annual Multimedia Award signet in gold for 2024.

Gold at the Annual Multimedia Award 2024.

The jury of the Annual Multimedia Award awards the new website Gold in the category "Website & Microsite".
Gold Award Winner

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The picture shows a portrait of Matthias Specht. He is wearing a dark-coloured shirt and smiling slightly at the camera. The background is dark. | © wob AG

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