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Das Bild zeigt die helle Empfangshalle der wob AG von innen mit Blick auf die Rezeption. Mittig zu sehen ist ein gelber Empfangstresen, hinter dem eine Person an einem Computer sitzt. Ganz rechts im Bild ist der Hauseingang als gläserne Tür zu erkennen. Links ist ein offenes Treppenhaus angeschnitten, auf dessen Seitenwänden in gelben Buchstaben Teile des Wortes Inspiration zu sehen sind. | © wob AG

Creating Impactful Experiences with Data, Tech and Creativity.

We design radically human-centered and data-driven strategies for B2B brands and complex products. These lead to experiences that deliver sustainable impact, foster engagement, and build long-term customer loyalty. Our objective: achieving your business and sales goals.

Experience Architecture: Our Services.

We enhance your business success through experience: effective, inspiring marketing that strategically reaches customers on their customer journey.

Strategic Consulting.

We develop comprehensive brand and customer experience strategies tailored to current and future market demands and technologies.

Digital Platforms and Service Design.

We conceptualize platforms and digital services to meet diverse brand needs – including design and technical implementation.

Campaigns and Programs.

We craft tailored campaigns for awareness and lead generation, paired with comprehensive analysis and optimization strategies.

Creative Concepts and Assets.

We create distinctive and inspiring concepts, assets, and creative playbooks for brand-specific campaigns and digital platforms.

Who Trusts Us.

Through our services, we help global players and emerging B2B brands reach people.

You can see the Yaskawa logo.
You can see the American Express logo.
The picture shows the BASF logo with the claim We create chemistry.
The Dussmann Group logo can be seen.
The picture shows the Freudenberg logo with the claim Innovating Together.
You can see the GORE logo.
You can see the GoTo logo.
The Klüber Lubrication logo can be seen.
The picture shows the Komet logo.
The Lorch logo can be seen.
You can see the MANN+HUMMEL logo.
The MLP logo can be seen.
You can see the Neoperl logo with the claim flow, stop and go
The Pfalzwerke Group logo can be seen.
You can see the SEW Eurodrive logo.
The picture shows the Uhlmann logo.
The Warema logo can be seen.
You can see the Wacker Neuson Group logo.
You can see the ebm-papst logo.
Zu sehen ist ein junger Mann mit Turban und Sonnenbrille, der mit seinem Reisekoffer mitten in der Wüste sitzt. Seine Anzug und sein Koffer sind vollgepackt mit Reiseaufklebern und Urlaubs-Badges. Auf dem Bild steht noch rechts neben dem Mann eine Blase mit dem Text „71 Offices across 30 countries“. Das Bild steht symbolisch für Reiseerfahrung und Weltgewandtheit.  | © wob AG

B2B International.

You wish to move your communications smoothly outside of the box and into the world? With our global agency network BBN The world's B2B Agency, you can do that. Over 1,100 experts in 32 countries, a common methodology and local market knowledge ensure the best quality and accurate execution.


What drives us and delivers value to our clients.

Das Bild zeigt einen Astronauten, der einen Astronautenhelm trägt, aber auch ein gelbes Businessjackett und eine Krawatte. Er geht eine belebte Straße in einer Großstadt entlang. | © wob AG
The new wob: Creating impactful experiences with data, tech, and creativity.
wob is a member of the BVDW.
On a dark blue background, a parenteral is packaged on one side in a plastic tray and on the other side in a paper tray. A light blue strip of light runs down the centre, separating the two types of packaging and indicating where the two images have been combined. To the left is the signet of the German Brand Award for 2024, below which is the text "We are winners!" and below that the logo of Uhlmann Pac-Systeme.
German Brand Award 2024 for Uhlmann & wob.

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The picture shows a portrait of Matthias Specht. He is wearing a dark-coloured shirt and smiling slightly at the camera. The background is dark. | © wob AG

Matthias Specht

Co-Chief Executive Officer

+49 6204 970-273matthias.specht@wob.ag