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The image shows a section of the Digital Experience Platform for ebm-papst. A virtual showroom can be seen. At the centre of the showroom are three interactive holograms that provide users of the Experience Platform with information on ebm-papst's products and services and are also clickable. The latter is characterised by small clickable crosses located on the holograms. To round off the feeling of a virtual exhibition, virtual people stand around the holograms and take a closer look at them.
Digital Experience Platform: ebm-papst.
ebm-papst DXP is a personalised virtual showroom and simultaneously an event platform: By combining immersive product experiences, personalised customer communication, and the integration of digital events on an innovative platform, new standards are set in B2B marketing.
The picture is predominantly green with black elements. A car door can be seen on the left-hand side. To the right, the mega macs x from Hella Gutmann hovers in the side view. | © wob AG
Integrated campaign: Hella Gutmann.
Hella Gutmann equips car and motorcycle workshops with equipment for diagnosis and repair – alway...
You can see a laptop and a smartphone, each showing the home screen of Berrang's new website - one in desktop view and one in mobile view. The website is in dark blue. The words "Welcome to Berrang" are emblazoned on the screen in white letters. The background of the website shows half a globe in a mesh look, with a screw above it, also in a mesh look. The background of the image is dark and has a similar look to the website's home screen. | © wob AG
Corporate Website Relaunch: Berrang.
In the public perception, Berrang is only known as a 'screw dealer.' However, in the world of fas...
A woman in a suit and glasses can be seen in the crop, talking on the phone and gazing contentedly into the distance. A blue filter is placed over the image. | © wob AG
Creating a distinctive content hub for US financial service provider..
Parts of the financial sector have a reputation for being cold and distant. Products and services...
You can see a tablet from which various pie charts and bar charts grow upwards in a three-dimensional representation. The diagrams on the tablet are coloured yellow and green. The background behind the tablet is also green and shows two-dimensional graphs. | © wob AG
SEO Strategy: Agricultural Machinery and Farming.
Our client is a global leader in their industry, operating and visible worldwide—even online. How...

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The picture shows a portrait of Dennis Güth. He is wearing glasses and a dark blue shirt. His arms are crossed. | © wob AG

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