Digital Experience Platform and event for ebm-papst.

From trade fairs to an experience platform.

In recent months, our long-standing customer ebm-papst – the global innovation leader for fans and motors – has moved many events into the digital space. Even though the first FRESH WORLD was huge success, there is still room for improvement. That’s why we worked together with our customer to make this year’s highlight event an even greater experience. 

After the (virtual) trade fair is before the (virtual) trade fair.

In this regard, two aspects were particularly important: On the one hand, the presentation of the latest products and innovations should become even more interactive alongside expert keynotes and other exclusive information sessions. To achieve this, not only classic content formats were used, but also custom-built 3-D applications, games, and other specials from our partners at madness were integrated into the interface.

On the other hand, the digital platform was supposed to contribute to a personalized brand experience: Data about all the participants had to be collected in order to set the right impulses on the platform, but also in the follow-up communication through marketing and sales. 

Digital Experience Platform: Finding new tangible ways to deliver virtual content

One thing transpired very quickly: A completely new approach was needed that entailed new processes as well as new marketing technologies. This is what actually lead to the creation of the digital experience platform for ebm-papst. Just after a few weeks of conceptional and implementation work, the DXP was able to meet all the requirements:

  • Multi-event: Since the initial launch, the 8th event will soon be held on the platform.
  • Multi-language: So far, there have been German and English events; in the future, other languages may also be added.
  • Multi-location: From Asia over Europe to the U.S. – with the DXP, events are accessible internationally without any problems.
  • Multi-content: The flexible CMS makes it possible to present any type of content in a CD-compliant, chic and conversion-optimized manner.
  • Multi-media: Live keynotes, chats, Q&A sessions, downloads, interactive applications, videos, and image series – the event platform has a lot to offer!

Users can activate any virtual event on the platform with just a few clicks thanks to self-service registration. This does not only simplify the platform usage for the target group, but also gives users the opportunity to have a go at other topics and areas of interest without much effort. Furthermore, special rooms for the brand or the “GreenIntelligence” philosophy give customers the opportunity to get to know the company better.

Our tasks surrounding the ongoing events also include the cross-media event management:

  • Event concept and agenda
  • Interaction and technology concept
  • Design and filling of the platform with content
  • Management of implementation partners
  • Creation of planning and information documents
  • Production of screenplays, moderation and presentation guides
  • Checklists and tutorials for sales and marketing
  • Project controlling & quality management
  • Projektsteuerung & Qualitätsmanagement

„Superschnell, überraschend, begeisternd, einfach gewinn­bringend. Dass wir in so kurzer Zeit eine so leistungsfähige und attraktive Plattform auf die Beine gestellt bekommen haben, ist unglaublich. Die Zusammenarbeit im Team, mit wob und den anderen Partnern war sehr angenehm, konstruktiv und inspirierend.“

Textbook lead generation.

And ebm-papst? Our customer now learns a little more about the users with every registration, every participation and every interaction on the platform. The profiles, which are created in the course of the process, help especially the marketing department to launch well-fitting, automated campaigns and provides support for sales with the  targeting of interesting contacts. The result: the perfect lead generation and nurturing machine!

Leads? Check. Image? Check. An Experience Platform that works.

In the end, the ebm-papst event platform not only impressed the customers, but also convinced the entire staff of the company: Thanks to the global access to the platform, knowledge could be shared across locations, new customers could be generated, and exciting topics could be placed. In the first four weeks more than 1000 new contacts were registered on the platform. Even the sales department partially uses the platform for online demos – normally, the portfolio and exclusive information can be presented in such an attractive and compromised form in a personal meeting only.

Would you like to gain an insight into the event platform? Convince yourself: www.ebmpapst.events/en

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Marco Luciano

Chief Operating Officer