An integrated campaign for: Hella Gutmann.

The market introduction of the mega macs X Diagnostics Tool.

Hella Gutmann provides repair shops for cars and motorcycles with devices for diagnostics and repair processes that are state-of-the-art and specifically designed for the digital future. With the new mega macs X, Hella Gutmann planned the launch of its new flagship for running multi-brand diagnostics.

The picture shows the product mega macs X from Hella Gutmann. The product is black and has a characteristic green design element. The product is shown floating freely in the black room and carefully illuminated for a high-quality presentation.  | © wob AG

Integrated market launch: new perspective for vehicle diagnostics.

In order to successfully place the mega macs X on the market, a new style of presentation was used that distinctly laid its focus on the product. The target audience of repair shop owners got acquainted with the mega macs X with the help of an integrated market introduction campaign.

Our core achievements included:

  • development of a creative concept combined with a new image style
  • production of content and campaign assets (structure & content for website, brochure in 22 languages, launch film, print & digital ads, trade show banners)
  • digital campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram as well as Google
  • dialogue campaign (marketing automation for registration process, live and post-event communication via Evalanche)
  • orchestration of all activities through all the channels
This picture shows the black and green mega macs X product from Hella Gutmann from eight different perspectives, with high-quality lighting on a black background.   | © wob AG

The creative concept maximized flexibility for repair shops.

The X in the brand name of the mega macs is no coincidence: the device provides repair shops with a maXimum of fleXibility for all their multi-brand diagnostics procedures. This maximization of flexibility served as a basis for the new communicative approach.

Furthermore, the campaign aimed to give an appealing presentation of the product as a state-of-the-art solution, which was achieved by showing several images of the new mega macs X that show the product from different perspectives.

Step 1: Creating awareness among the target groups.

First of all, the brand awareness needed to be increased in the industry of vehicle repairing. To do so, the introduction of the mega macs X was distributed over paid channels of the specialized press as well as owned channels (marketing materials, trade shows, website, social media, newsletters).

This image shows a 1/1 advert as an example of communication measures for the launch of the mega macs X product. It shows the black mega macs X with its characteristic green design element on a black background. The headline reads "Extremely flexible: mega macs X" in line with the product's launch positioning.

“Never before have trade show attendants known so much about a product and its benefits. Everyone already knew about the mega macs X. That’s why the sales talks at the fairs were considerably easier.”

This image shows a tattooed arm holding the mega macs X in front of a black background. This motif was used to communicate a digital event hosted by Lina van de Mars, who is very well-known and popular in the target groups - the tattoos were a reference to this. | © wob AG

A virtual event: New Delivery of a product launch.

In the second phase, the new diagnostics device was presented as the main act during an event. Due to the pandemic, the event had to be held virtually, which is why the #ZUHAUSMESSE repair shop show had been created.

The show was hosted by Lina van de Mars who is widely known in the motor vehicle industry and became the communicative spokesperson for the campaign prior to the event. To connect the event with the new mmX image style, a key visual was developed for the trade show.

The #Hometradefair: Let the digital event begin.

Prior to the event, a dialogue campaign, which relied on the marketing automation tool Evalanche, helped to generate a high number of registrations. At the event, Lina van der Mars and Hella Gutmann introduced the mega macs X and other innovations to the audience.

Here, you can watch a recording of the trade show: Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH: repair shop show 2021 (hella-gutmann.com).

The live stream and video production happened in collaboration with Team Beinert GmbH and we want to give thanks for the great cooperation.

Here you can see a tablet and a smartphone with examples of advance communication for the digital live event #Zuhausmesse
This image shows a screenshot from the digital live event. You can see presenter Lina van de Mars hosting the digital live event #Zuhausmesse. She is wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with her hair tied back at the nape of her neck and is looking into the camera. She is holding a mega macs X in her hands. Behind her is a presenter's desk and a large screen with the main campaign motif, a high-quality product image on a black background.

A precisely aimed post-event communication led to further on demand views, feedback from participants and stimulated lead-nurturing.

Key figures of the event:

  • Registrations: 1,092
  • Live participants: 790
  • Show rate: 72.3 %

Awareness and lead generation: A successful start.

Together with our client, we achieved to successfully introduce the mega macs X onto the market and our awareness campaign paved the way for an incorporation of the product in many repair shops. Not only did the repair shop show attract many participants, but also generated lots of new leads.

The positive results of the product launch 2021 in numbers:

  • Sold mega macs X in 2021: >1,000
  • New leads (repair shops) thanks to the event: 300
  • Approx. 20 % of event attendants (1,092) subsequently bought a mega macs X

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