The best of both worlds. SEKISUI in Europe and wob develop a creative concept that builds bridges.

From synthetic railway sleepers to thermal gap fillers for electric vehicles - SEKISUI in Europe offers a comprehensive range of services in a wide variety of industries. In doing so, the company spreads its expertise across a total of nine companies to represent the Japanese parent company SEKISUI CHEMICAL in Europe.

In order not to lose sight of the common roots despite the different business areas, SEKISUI in Europe was looking for a unifying communication strategy. This is where we came in: Together with our client, we developed a common brand definition and - based on this - a creative concept that communicates shared values and strengthens the connection between the European and Japanese locations.

A deep dive into the SEKISUI brand in Europe.

Developing a creative concept for B2B companies is not an easy task anyway because of the complex subject areas. In the case of SEKISUI in Europe, the complexity was nine times higher, because the brand has to address very diverse target groups.

We supported SEKISUI with these services:

  • Planning and implementation of various workshops
  • Definition of the brand identity
  • Development of a creative concept
  • Development of numerous communication measures (social posts, landing pages, corporate brochure ...)
  • Development of an image film
  • Revision of the corporate website

A creative concept that connects - across the globe.

"Focus on" is a campaign that not only illustrates the connection between the Japanese and European locations in terms of content, but also visually - and convinced our client directly. The concept combines the Japanese work ethic with European virtues and presents the best of both worlds to the customers of SEKISUI in Europe: highest quality, proximity to the customer and the pursuit of sustainability and innovation.

Curious? Visit the SEKISUI in Europe website and see for yourself: SEKISUI in Europe

"The cooperation with wob was really great - from the brand definition to the implementation in online and offline communication. The professional consulting and implementation then led to a great result that conclusively connects our nine companies." - Lena Tiedeken, Head of Corporate Communications at SEKISUI EUROPE B.V.

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