A new understanding of plastics. wob develops the Plastics Hub of BASF SE.

"The portal is an important step in making our diverse information more visible. We are continuously developing the portal, but we already see the benefits of a one-stop source of information on plastics, which also gives us the opportunity to play more general topics of public interest." - Daniela Katzenmaier, Senior Manager Global Plastics Communication, on the launch of the BASF Plastics Hub.

But now let's start again from the beginning:

It was less than a year ago that BASF SE was represented at the leading trade fair for the plastics industry under the communication idea Go!Create by wob. The BASF Plastics Hub has now been launched under the same motto: a central information platform for everything to do with the highly topical themes of "Make, Use, Recycle".

The aim of the new platform is to make the diverse articles and information from the various specialist areas available in a single place - quickly, simply and comprehensibly. In this way, the relevant aspects of the circular economy in particular are to gain more visibility under the guiding principle #ourplasticsjourney and manifest themselves in people's minds. To achieve this, we were commissioned as a B2B agency with the following tasks:

  • Conception of the Plastics Hub
  • Creation of an appealing UX design
  • Development of first editorials and of content management
  • Technical implementation, based on the Adobe Experience Manager

Using various filters, the platform can also be structured according to individual interests. And: Even after the launch, work on the Plastics Hub will continue diligently. All topic areas are regularly expanded and supplemented with further articles.

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