New partner duo. Our agency network BBN is growing. And we benefit from this just like you.

This is how "worldwide" works: BBN is a worldwide B2B agency network that employs more than 1,150 B2B specialists in 32 countries and serves 500 clients in 23 different B2B sectors. As a B2B agency, we are a founding member and have been part of the network from the very beginning. Now two new members are bringing momentum and expertise to international cooperation.

Salut Eleius! - Welcome to BBN!

Eleius - headquartered in Paris - is a comprehensive full-service agency specialising in the B2B tech sector. Eleius' expertise includes international go-to-market consulting, positioning and messaging, or lead generation using growth marketing techniques. With these and other services, Eleius has helped more than 90 start-ups, scale-ups and established companies to implement successful marketing strategies, communicate effectively and generate sales leads on a large scale in less than a decade.

Olá Ulled - good to have you (now)!

 Founded in 1964, Ulled is a communications consultancy with well-connected, multidisciplinary teams in Lisbon and Barcelona. The company has more than 50 years of experience in managing brand perception. Ulled also has expertise in a wide range of business sectors and offers communication and public relations strategies to build trust with different stakeholders.

What does this mean for you as wob clients? An overview:

With our partnership in the BBN network, we give our clients the opportunity to effortlessly take their communication across borders into the world. Thanks to our joint methodology and in-depth local market knowledge, we offer first-class quality and precise handling.

Your advantages in detail:

  • Local insights from BBN agencies
  • Technical expertise for channel and communication platforms
  • Global brand thinking
  • Culture checks for successful localisation
  • Shared understanding of what is important for the success of global B2B communication

Would you also like to benefit from BBN and strengthen your B2B communication globally? Just write us at info@wob.ag!