Annual Multimedia Award 2024: Gold and silver for wob. A website as a world of experience and company presentation with a difference.

Once again, we have a reason to celebrate in our B2B agency. And twice! We were delighted to win two prizes at the Annual Multimedia Awards 2024. In addition to a silver award in the AR & VR category, we were also able to secure one of the coveted gold awards in the website & microsite category, which has the highest number of submissions. But first things first:

The Annual Multimedia Award - Awards for Digital Excellence.

The Annual Multimedia Award is one of the most important digital competitions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and has offered a platform for creative solutions and innovative ideas and business models in the digital space since 1996.

This year, it will once again honour particularly groundbreaking work - and provide answers to questions about current standards, possibilities and future perspectives of digital brand communication. A gold award is given to projects that stand out from the crowd through innovative and outstanding implementation and set trends for the coming years.

Gold for Berrang - the right connection at the right time.

And speaking of the Gold Award: It was won by our website for the connection technology experts from Berrang - in the category "Website & Microsite". 

The website we designed and implemented presents the Berrang brand as a fascinating world of experience in which innovative fastening technology and its key role in modern high-tech products is shown. Instead of a simple list of screws, visitors to the site experience fastener engineering, design processes and relevant key industries such as aviation, automotive or mechanical engineering.

Silver for CARLISLE® - Company presentation as VR experience.

And together with our client CARLISLE® - Europe's leading manufacturer of EPDM sealing products - we were able to impress in the AR & VR category and win a silver award.

The reason: a brand awareness campaign with a special highlight - the fastest company presentation in the world - that can be experienced completely in VR. Read here how we were able to create such a special experience for CARLISLE®'s end customers together: Integrated campaign for CARLISLE. (wob.ag)

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