Even more analytics expertise for us and for you. May we introduce? These are our two new arrivals!

Autumn is here! And with it the wind that blows around your ears outside. But you can also feel the fresh breeze in our B2B agency - in the form of two new employees. Find out who our new additions are, what sets them apart and why we are now even more broadly positioned in terms of analytics expertise.

Masoud is now helping us as an Expert Data and Analytics. As a passionate data analyst, he knows exactly which metrics you should look twice at. This is no coincidence, as Masoud brings a wealth of data experience to the agency. After completing his Master's degree, he worked for an international FinTech company, among others, and has always had a keen interest in learning more about companies and how they work. And where better to find out than at a B2B agency? What else characterises the data expert? His patience and his work ethic. Because as he says: "Nothing happens overnight." Dear Masoud, that fits quite well, after all, we are the only agency under the sun 😉. Nice to have you here!

The second member of the team is Änni, who supports us as a trainee in Digital Advertising and Integrated Communications. After several internships - including at our agency - she decided to come back after her A-levels. Why? Because, as an open and communicative person, she felt at home with us from day one. She was particularly impressed by the great atmosphere and the warm welcome. Away from work, Änni is all about basketball and meeting up with friends, often for a meal together. But her interests go further: she is equally fascinated by sustainability and the world of music and painting. But the most important thing you should know about Änni: She's up for any adventure. With this in mind: Dear Änni, we look forward to many B2B adventures with you. Welcome to the team!

By the way: We are always looking for good people - send us an unsolicited application and write us at info@wob.ag.