wob makes insurance easy. THE NEW JANITOS WEBSITE.

The property and casualty insurer Janitos, a Gothaer subsidiary based in Heidelberg, wanted to revise its positioning and gain new customers with better publicity. Not surprisingly: It was soon clear that this cannot be solved with beautiful visuals alone. Together with our partner, the IT infrastructure expert from SHE, we took up this challenge.

Closely linked to marketing and sales

The consequence: In addition to a new, fresh appearance for Janitos, we also developed a concept that breaks down the above goals into the search engine optimization and the navigation structure of the website. A scholistical example of how digital marketing and sales tasks mesh in the digital space, are interdependent, and ultimately become one. These include a number of measures that promote clarity, simplicity and usability.

Clear structures

Strictly separated broker and end customer access, because what does not belong together, should also be clearly separated and not mixed.

Fast Navigation

Significantly better usability with clear structures and reduced click paths, which focuses on answering questions or requests of the users as uncomplicatedly and quickly as possible. Undoubtedly, that is what is meant by better customer experience.

Target group-specific approach

Also relevant to CX: A target-group-specific product access that defines itself through life situations (singles, couples, families, seniors, etc.) and addresses the typical problem areas there. If people do not always know what they need, at least they know who they are.

Search engine relevance

SEO-relevant topic-specific pages that bring Janitos and its topics forward in search engines and make them more visible.

First-class collaboration

It is worth mentioning that due to the circumstances of this job a great cooperation came about, which proved again and again that you can deliver first-class work in spontaneously formed networks: We would like to thank you for the trusting and smooth cooperation.

All in all a first-rate case about modern marketing and its effects. What came out of it and how well that works you can see the same way here live.