In August, we really put our hearts on our tongues and support the grandiose idea of Life Lolli by Kreative gegen Krebs (creatives against cancer) and and GWA. Thus, we help to typify potential stem cell donors and thus help people suffering from cancer.

Stem cell donor: Urgently wanted

"Creatives against cancer" and "Life-Lolli" goes back to an initiative of the Düsseldorf consultant Ralf Schwartz, who in 2012 had cancer himself and urgently sought a suitable stem cell donor. With his campaign, which is supported by the industry association GWA, he would like to draw attention to the urgent need to seek stem cell donors and how easy it is to potentially save a life by participating.

Life-Lolli: Charming idea, great success

In the charming Life Lolli action, you suck a lollipop with a cotton swab hidden inside it, which at the end of your enjoyment simply picks up a saliva sample of the participant, which can then be sent in for typing. In Germany, there are nearly 30 donor files, of which the German Bone Marrow Donor (DKMS) is certainly the best known.

We are happy to be here

Not only we at wob but many other advertising colleagues from all over Germany are diligently involved in typing stem cell donors via cotton buds for the benefit of cancer patients. We are happy to be part of it!