SUPPORT FOR THE TEAM. New faces at wob!

Autumn brings a fresh breeze and fresh colleagues – widely traveled, award-winning and intrepid. Here we introduce the new faces:

„You can't sell anything, if you can't tell anything“ – Svenja not only knows how to cite impressively and aptly (in this case Beth Comstock), she lets the words follow deeds and enriches us since September as Junior Content Editor with the finest storytelling and great content. Welcome, Svenja!

Sascha brings with him a nail of the Art Directors Club as well as a lot of experience from a B2B agency – and not only technically fits it like a poke in the eye: Because who celebrates He-Man and in addition plays guitar is right in our creation. We are glad that you are here, Sascha!

People who are good with big datasets are in demand all over the world. All the better that Thorsten has turned his back on distant Beijing and has come back to his homeland. Now he not only rediscovers the region, but also supports us as a Junior Analytics Consultant. Welcome back, Thorsten!

 "A ship is safe when it's in the harbor. But ships were not built for that "– Alicia knows and perhaps that's why she dares to compete in the first row at scooter concerts.
We hope the move from Mannheimer Morgen to a B2B agency has not cost quite that much overcoming. Enjoy your internship in our creation, Alicia!

By the way: We are always looking for good people – apply proactively or find your place at wob on our career page.