International B2B agency on course for success: BBN Annual Report 2019.

wob is a founding member of BBN, an extremely versatile organization that employs over 1,000 B2B specialists in 30 countries and serves 300 customers in 23 different B2B sectors. 

Last year, BBN experienced growth across all key metrics, consolidating its position as the world's premier international B2B brand communications agency according to B2B marketing benchmarking reports.

  • BBN's total revenues increased by 12 percent over the previous year, reaching a record USD 172 million
  • As expected, gross income also increased by 11 percent to USD 114 million.
  • While some growth was due to the addition of three new partners in 2018, profitability across the network, even taking this into account, increased by 11 percent to over USD 7 million are held.

However, these figures are only a part of BBN's history. With the preparation of an annual report, we therefore wanted to record in one document for all our stakeholders what we believe distinguishes and distinguishes us in this oh-so-rational, technology-oriented B2B world:

  • Forty-six different nationalities now make up the BBN family, which includes 35 different languages and makes us an extremely diverse group.
  • Our unique corporate structure is designed to be extremely agile. 
  • We have also expanded our talent pool by adding 197 new full-time employees to the BBN Group, following an increase of 242 employees last year. 
  • As always, these new additions have resulted in even greater diversity within the agency, which now represents 30 countries and covers most of the world's major B2B markets.


Download the full annual report here: BBN Annual Report 2018/2019.