Heidelberg Innovation Week 2020. With wob to the five-day online event of the extra class.

Digital instead of Düsseldorf: the cancellation of drupa - the world's largest trade show for print and paper - forced Heidelberger Druckmaschinen to rethink its approach. As a creative business partner, wob wob thought along with us and together we moved the most important industry trade show into the virtual space.    

The result: Heidelberg Innovation Week, a five-day virtual event with a global focus. 

"Worth knowing, digital, personal - experience Heidelberg online. 

The program offered information on new business models, AI and digitization, new products, and the opinions of experts from all over the world - who also asked questions from the industry in personal online meetings. 


The Innovation Week - a successful premiere: 

  • Implemented in 8 languages (including Russian and Japanese). 
  • 40 presentations, including expert talks and panel discussions. 
  • 250 sales representatives from over 40 countries in discussions in over 30 languages. 
  • More than 4,000 registrations from over 100 countries (including Fiji). 
  • Extensive media library with additional content (white papers, demos etc.). 
  • Technical platform: 100% adapted to customer needs. 


The customer is also enthusiastic: 

"The most important thing is that with wob we had a partner on our side who listens and thinks along with us. The figures in our case speak for themselves. Not only were we able to launch an event with overwhelmingly positive feedback from the market, we managed to do so in a way that equals or even exceeds offline events when it comes to sales effectiveness". 

Barnabas Szantho, Head of Marketing, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

"We are extremely satisfied with the result," sums up Ludwig Allgoewer, Global Marketing and Sales Director at Heidelberg. The Innovation Week had broken new ground "and we didn't know how our customers would react.  

More than 4,000 customers from over 100 countries registered online for the trade show of a different kind.  

"One of them even came from the Fiji Islands," says Allgoewer. In so-called "sessions" lasting around two hours, customers were able to find out about the new products in eight different languages at their local time with presentations, live demos and expert rounds. The videos showing the new products were clicked on around 100,000 times. 

Source: www.rnz.de



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