BBN's B2B Report 2021. Exciting insights and learnings from our international agency network BBN.

BBN is a global B2B agency network that employs over 1,150 specialists in 32 countries and serves 300 clients in 23 different B2B sectors. As a founding member, we have been actively involved in the development of BBN for over 30 years and are in lively exchange with our partner agencies from all over the world.

Because BBN is one thing above all: transactional knowledge exchange across national borders. Through standardized methodologies and processes, we can thus advise you as a B2B agency in all matters relating to the internationalization of your communication and bring your brand across borders into the world. 


Find out what this means for you in concrete terms and what potential can be found in the internationalization of your brand in the latest BBN report "The B2B Report 2021"! In the free report, over 30 agencies share industry topics, provide valuable insights and best practices on B2B marketing in times of pandemic. Plus, learn what distinguishes BBN in Facts+Figures. An overview:

  • B2B brands and why it is worth to analyze your brand more closely
  • The role of emotional communication in campaign design
  • New ways of content distribution through digital transformation
  • Marketing strategies in a changing energy industry
  • Diversity as a growth driver and key to new insights, and much more


 Download the full annual report as a PDF here: The B2B Report 2021.