When the agency doorbell rings 6 times: New addition to the wob.

Someone should check on our HR team, because apparently the colleagues have been in constant use for the last few weeks. Why? Because a whole six new faces are joining our new wob employee wall-of-fame this month. Returners, newcomers and experienced marketing experts: We're happy to have a colorful mix. But now it's time for a drum roll! We proudly present:


Vivien supports us as Strategic Planner with immediate effect. She is particularly excited about the versatility that her new position brings. Her specialty: psychological analyses. She is one of our returners, having completed an internship at wob four years ago. After that, she first went out into the wide world and to some very well-known TV stations. But there's no place like home, is there, Vivien? Welcome back!

This is also not the first time that Roxy has graced us. After her apprenticeship as an automotive saleswoman, she decided to do a dual study program at Germany's B2B experts. She is especially looking forward to the warm, familiar colleagues and is excited about the new experiences and tasks that a B2B agency has to offer. It's great to have you back, Roxy!

"I actually get along well with every character, no matter how different you are - and I always wear nice shoes 😉 ", answers Xaver when asked what sets him apart. The new trainee in the Project Management department was impressed above all by the well-known customers, but it was the "inner values", i.e. the nice colleagues, that ticked the box on the employment contract when he first got to know them. We look forward to meeting you and your shoes, Xaver!


"I do everything with a smile on my lips," says Vignesh. We can confirm this directly, because even on your first day we were often asked: Who is the new colleague who always smiles so warmly that you can even see it through the mask? But Vignesh has even more to offer than just an infectious smile. His specialty: numbers! And that's exactly why he is now supporting his colleagues in the Analytics team as a trainee in Campaign Management. Welcome under the sun, Vignesh!

Susanne is already an old hand at marketing. After all, there are few areas in which she does not have experience. From market research to election campaigns to various positions in marketing and sales on the corporate side and self-employment, she has left nothing out. And now a B2B agency. Why exactly, Susanne? "Well, because B2B comes before B2C in the dictionary and because B2B knows that there is no such thing as a target group as "everyone"," explains the Senior Account Manager. Dear Susanne, how nice to have you on the team!

Former paramedic and student teacher Simon starts at wob as a Project Management trainee. Instead of an ambulance, he is now getting to grips with complex issues. Because if there's one thing about B2B that particularly appeals to him, it's acquiring specialist knowledge. For wob, the decision was made on his first day on site getting to know the company. "Such a great working environment is unique," says Simon. You've got a point there, Simon. A warm welcome!

By the way: We are always looking for good people – just write us at info@wob.ag.