Triple growth in October: These are our new employees.

Even though the hours of sunshine in October are now becoming fewer, we don't notice any of that under the wob sun - that's because of the fresh energy that our many new additions bring with them! This month, we are once again welcoming three new colleagues to our B2B agency. We are already looking forward to the many new impulses and ideas that our newcomers have brought with them. But enough of the preliminaries, they'll tell you the rest themselves:


Annabelle joins our office management team with immediate effect. After working in the restaurant and hotel industry for the last seven years and even making it to the USA, it was time for something new. And what could be more suitable for broadening one's horizons than a B2B agency? With this in mind: Welcome Annabelle, we are looking forward to meeting you!

Denis, our freshly minted trainee in Web Development, is a student of business informatics. During his studies, he was already able to gain some insights into the colorful world of agencies - and what he saw there apparently convinced him, because he decided to become part of the wob family. The passionate hobby cook was particularly taken with the warm welcome and the family-like cooperation. Dear Dennis, we hope that you will continue to feel at home with us and perhaps introduce us to your hobby in more detail. You are very welcome!

Mandy is the third member of the team. She supports us as a media designer. After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Product Design, the board game enthusiast has already gained some experience as a Product Marketing Manager in the field of e-commerce and now wants to share her passion for visual work with us. Nice to have you in the round, Mandy. We're looking forward to your next move!


By the way: We are always looking for good people – just write us at info@wob.ag.