wob at Pimcore's "Data & Experience Conference". Presentation on the further development of B2B websites into Experience Platforms - register now!

In recent months, the demands on marketing have once again changed significantly. The "New Normal" thus often enough becomes the "New Challenge" for B2B marketing organizations at large medium-sized companies and global corporations.

And this is exactly where the great opportunity for "New Business" lies for marketing partners and agencies. As a website agency, we too have developed new products, improved digital solutions and accompanied our clients on the path to digital transformation.

Evidence? The digital experience platform for ebm-papst!


wob with presentation by the experts at Pimcore's "Data & Experience Conference".

At this year's Pimcore Inspire - the event all about data, experience and marketing technology - we will explain how we have developed a platform from the often monolithic structures of event vs. website vs. email automation.


wob is at the start with an expert presentation: Christian Kierdorf (Director Marketing Technology) and Marco Luciano (Management) will show you different approaches how "Unified Technology" can become a "Unified Experience" for your clientele.

Look forward to exclusive project insights:

  • From the super-flexible event platform
  • a website with closed areas for sales/traders/customers
  • to an internal communication platform.
  • And of course with high-quality tracking down to the user level.

So, what else is there to wait for? Register now for free and mark our talk in your calendar: 11/18/2021 from 15:20 online (in English).

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