FACE [of] THE FUTURE - the conference for B2B sales and marketing executives. With wob to the virtual event of the top class.

BBN is a global B2B agency network that employs over 1,150 specialists in 32 countries and serves 300 clients in 23 different B2B sectors. Because BBN is one thing above all: transactional knowledge exchange across national borders. But BBN can also do events.

The proof is called FACE [of] THE FUTURE and is a digital conference for B2B sales and marketing executives. 


FACE [of] THE FUTURE – the virtual event of the top class.

The goal? To equip senior marketers for their rapidly evolving roles.

In doing so, the event offers keynotes and customized agendas, as the event has been optimized for three different time zones. But there's more - an overview of all the topics:

  • Repositioning the importance of the CMO role.
  • Harmonizing sales and marketing
  • Optimization of global to regional marketing
  • Redefining the relationship between clients and agencies
  • Harmonizing the art and science of marketing communications


BBN event - wob in the middle of it instead of just being there.

As a co-founder and member of BBN, we are allowed to help with the conception and implementation of the virtual BBN event as a B2B agency. And what can we say? The joy is great, the excitement is rising.

A look at our tasks:

  • Conception of the event (in terms of content and theme)
  • Design of the platform
  • Project management and consulting
  • Design of the agenda taking into account the international target group
  • partner management
  • Support of video production (speaker briefing, moderation guide, screenplay, speech manuscripts)
  • Platform design including set-up and participant management (invitation management, registration, etc.)

You want more? Then come along - it all starts on February 3, 2022!

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