New partner quartet. Reinforcement for BBN, us and you.

Taking communication beyond our own nose into the wider world is one of the many advantages of our B2B agency network BBN. As a founding member, we have been involved as a B2B agency from the very beginning. So we also know how to create a lot of exchange opportunities and synergy effects with 1,200 specialists in 32 countries and 500 clients. Further potential now also arises from new partnerships.


The new partner quartet for BBN

Blue Business from Denmark focuses on account-based marketing and brings a lot of experience from the pharmaceutical industry. The team is excited to share their core competencies with other network partners and are eager to generate knowledge and inspiration through the exchange.

From Dayton, Ohio, USA, TriComB2B joins our international ranks. For about 15 years, TriComB2B has been focused on technical and customer-oriented industries. Through the new partnership, they hope to offer more support to their clients in the APAC and EMEA area.

BBN also continues to grow in Romania. With Stoica, a B2B digital agency founded in 2013, a specialist with educational ambitions joins the network. As they say themselves, it is important to educate customers about products and processes in order to operate profitably for both sides.

Fourth in the group is Diametro from Slovakia. The B2B marketing agency, which is still quite young at four years old, is a provider of intelligent and rather unconventional solutions. Among other things, this means sales intelligence, which creates synergies between marketing and sales.

We are excited about our new partners and especially the opportunities this will bring for our clients. These include: a global brand mindset, local insights from our BBN agencies, technical expertise, cultural checks and strong market knowledge broken down to country level.

We say: Welcome to BBN.

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