Three newcomers for wob: These are our new colleagues.

While the autumn leaves are turning, the wob family is also getting a colourful new addition. We are delighted to welcome three new faces to our B2B agency! Equipped with fresh know-how, new perspectives and lots of motivation, our newcomers are embarking on their B2B journey. And herewith we hand over the floor to:


Lorin supports us as a trainee in the content area. For the media scientist, it was clear early on that she wanted to put her interest in writing and working with website texts into practice professionally after completing her studies. That's why she already gained a wide range of practical experience in the areas of online and content marketing as well as press and public relations work during her studies. Why did the ambitious young professional choose wob in particular? The cordial cooperation and the appreciation as a fully-fledged team member from day one. Dear Lorin, we are very much looking forward to welcoming you, your expertise and positivity to the team! 

Paula, our new Junior Expert Content, is another new member of the content team. She has a background in marketing technology from her dual course of study in digital media. She was able to deepen the knowledge she acquired there during her training at Fraunhofer SIT in Darmstadt. A cool fact? As an active Quidditch player, Paula has a great passion for the Harry Potter universe. Likewise, we are very much looking forward to a magical collaboration in the wob world with you, Paula!

When asked what distinguishes him, Jan answers: "My strong interest in quality and beauty. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and yes, there is bad taste." Our new colleague in the UX/UI department is a family man who in his spare time pursues his creative streak in a world full of music, colours and shapes. The reasons for Jan joining our B2B agency? A motivated and open-minded team with a lot of team spirit that sticks together even in times of crisis. He was all the happier to get acquainted with many new wob faces after the long Corona lockdown. Dear Jan, we too are happy to welcome someone to our agency who follows the same spirit as we do!

And another piece of good news for October: We congratulate our colleague Philipp on his permanent position in the UX/UI team! Philipp, who previously supported our B2B agency as a trainee in the Art & Design department, recently completed his dual media design studies at the DHBW Ravensburg. Dear Philipp, on behalf of the whole wob, we congratulate you on your permanent employment! 

By the way: We are always looking for good people - apply on your own initiative and write us at recruiting@wob.ag