Creative awareness campaign for trans-o-flex: More visibility, traffic and conversions - all in one go.

We recently started supporting our customer trans-o-flex, an international logistics service provider specializing in the shipment of sensitive and high-value goods in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and consumer electronics sectors. The company offers the full package from procurement to fulfillment for the customer's entire logistics chain.

Since the speedy and secure shipment of medicines in particular is becoming increasingly important, more people should get wind of the express service offered by trans-o-flex - and as quickly as possible. So, as a B2B agency, we rolled up our sleeves and designed a creative awareness campaign that would be as fast and well received by the target group in Germany as the deliveries of the logistics specialist.

We helped trans-o-flex with these services:

  • Definition of target groups and creation of media plan.
  • Development of creative concept "Weil es wichtig ist." (Because it matters.) for advertising express services.
  • Creation of campaign assets (ad posts, visuals, co-conception of landing page as well as writing of text modules).
  • Implementation of the awareness campaign on LinkedIn, Google and XING.
  • Complete campaign management (continuous monitoring and optimization throughout).

We soon had the complete campaign package in place, and the planned rollout from mid-December 2022 to early February 2023 delivered exactly what trans-o-flex had wanted in terms of visibility.

Strong performance - our campaign in figures:

  • Well over 700,000 impressions in just 1.5 months.
  • With a CTR of 10.32% and 126 conversions achieved, excellent performance overall, especially with Google Ads.
  • Over 3,000 conversions on the website during the campaign period.

Our customer is thrilled and so are we. Because our awareness campaign fell on open ears, especially in the focus markets of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics and public institutions, and thus increased brand awareness. By the way, an increase in website traffic and an increase in conversions were on top of that.

You can get an impression of the creative concept "Weil es wichtig ist." on the campaign landing page: https://www.trans-o-flex.com/express/

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